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Melissa Ninos
Melissa Ninos ~ Owner of V


Melissa Ninos

Owner of V

I got the chance to sit down and chat with Melissa Ninos, owner of V Restaurant & Bar and V Bistro & Bar, and talk to her about owning two successful restaurants in Murphys California. Melissa is a restaurant owner who is not afraid to pitch in wherever she is needed. She does everything from the front of house to the back of house. Even as I interviewed her, she was busy making drinks, serving tables, and doing dishes. It was a rather inspiring experience.

Melissa opened V Restaurant & Bar in 2004 and then opened it’s sister restaurant, V Bistro & Bar, in 2011. With a background in large corporate restaurant management, she paved her way to making V a success. When asked if she knew V would be as successful as it is, she replied with a confident “yes”. It’s the reason why she wanted to open her own restaurant in the first place, she explained. “In my previous experience, I learned what not to do, and how to run a restaurant properly” She said, “I know how to train people, how to take people with little or no knowledge and teach them to be good at what they do”. Melissa attributed her success to those who work for her. “It’s all about the employees,” She stated, “it’s not just a job, it’s a family. Success comes with the group effort. If you create a good model, you will be successful.”

Melissa behind the bar

Melissa felt like a force that you couldn’t help but be swept up by. She felt like a friend to everyone in her restaurant, customers and employees.

Prior to owning her two restaurants, Melissa also owned her own home decor store, she also did design work for 10 years. Self-employed since 2001, she has been rewarded by her own drive. Before going her own way, she worked for a restaurant corporation. There, she was told by her employers that she would never be promoted to General Manager because she was a woman. “That made me want to do business for myself” Melissa explained, “the corporate world wasn’t for me, I worked harder than all the men around me, and they got promoted left and right.” Despite this struggle, in the end, Melissa learned a lot and it was motivation for her to move on and be her own boss.

Melissa and her work-family intend to keep improving upon themselves and their businesses for years to come, ensuring that V will create many more enjoyable meals to experience in Murphys California.

wonder woman Melissa
The V’s Wonder Woman


“If you show up, do the best that you possibly can you do, and enjoy yourself, it makes everything easier” -Melissa Ninos

Interview by Rachel Sparks, May 2018